Media Relations are managed from our Group Communications Office.  Please contact Michael Evans, Group Communications Director on +44 (0)1909 545 966, or email us.

The Greencore brand represents the high standards of our consumer understanding, innovation, product quality, production facilities and customer service. As market leader or major player in some of the fastest growing sectors of the convenience foods and ingredients market we see it as our role to be a source of information and assistance on these sectors. Please see the Library section for support material, photography and brand information. We are pleased to provide additional information and support to key media organizations, but the following should be noted:
Financial information: All financial enquiries for Greencore Group plc and all businesses within Greencore Group should be directed to the Greencore Investor Relations desk.
Greencore Group Investor Relations

Greencore Group plc
No.2 Northwood Avenue
Northwood Business Park
Dublin 9

Advertising: As a customer own-brand supplier, the majority of the Greencore companies do not have a consumer franchise. Because of this, except in very rare instances, we do not advertise.
Supplier supported features: As a policy we do not support editorial for which supplier advertising is required.


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